Warning Signs of a Catalytic Converter Problem

Warning Signs of a Catalytic Converter Problem

Warning Signs of a Catalytic Converter ProblemYour catalytic converter, which is a vital part of your exhaust system, does the important job of making emissions less polluting. At the first indication of catalytic converter failure, you'll want to have the mechanic take a look. At Howard Automotive, our local mechanics have extensive experience with addressing catalytic converter problems. Here are seven indications of a bad catalytic converter.

Check Engine Light Turns On

Malfunctioning catalytic converters are common triggers of check engine lights. The light may get triggered if a faulty catalytic converter is causing problems with the air to fuel ratio.

Sulfurous Odor

Automotive fuel has sulfate, which puts off an odor similar to rotten eggs. If your catalytic converter is working properly, then this smell should be greatly weakened. But if your catalytic converter isn't working like it should, then you may notice a sulfurous stench.

Weak Acceleration

A malfunctioning catalytic converter can lead to exhaust becoming trapped inside the exhaust system, making it difficult for your car to accelerate like normal.

Decreasing Gas Mileage

With a faulty catalytic converter, your engine may not receive a proper oxygen supply, causing the engine to burn up excessive fuel to make up for the shortage of oxygen.

Fails Emissions Test

If your catalytic converter is failing, your car will produce more toxic emissions, making you liable to fail an emissions test.

Black Exhaust Smoke

With a faulty catalytic converter, your exhaust smoke may look significantly darker due to a heavier concentration of toxic gasses in it. Anytime exhaust smoke looks off-color, it's best to have a mechanic identify the underlying issue.

Difficult to Start

A bad catalytic converter can cause your car to struggle to start because of an accumulation of gasses that put high pressure on the engine.

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Posted: January 2022

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