Tips for Preventing Car Scratches

Tips for Preventing Car Scratches

It can be very frustrating when your car gets scratched, but fortunately there are some measures you can take to reduce the risk of scratches. If your car does get scratched, you'll want to get the damage fixed ASAP so that rust doesn't get the chance to take hold. At Howard Automotive, our technicians are experts at flawlessly fixing scratches and dings.

Simple Ways to Prevent Vehicle Scratches

Car scratches often occur due to the use of incorrect washing materials. When you wash your car, rather than just grabbing any old rag, it's important to only use non-abrasive materials. Synthetic microfiber washing mitts are a great choice because they're designed for just this type of chore and won't cause scratching. And before you wax you'll want to make sure there isn't any debris on your car that could get pushed around and cause scratches. Also, you'll want to be selective about automatic car washes. Usually, automatic car washes aren't a problem. But in some cases, the brushes in automatic car washes gather debris that doesn't get totally rinsed away between customers. Then the next car that goes through gets scratched by that debris. It's a good idea to check the reviews for an automatic car wash to make sure it hasn't developed a reputation for this kind of issue.

As you're out running errands, it's best to pass up parking spots that would leave you tightly sandwiched between other cars. This will reduce the chances of someone opening their door directly into your paneling, causing scratches, dings, and/or dents. By parking toward the back of the lot, there's usually less risk of such damage occurring.

When your car gets "keyed," it can leave scratches that are particularly long and deep. Such scratches can be a bit more challenging to repair. To mitigate the risk of vandals damaging your vehicle while in public, it's best to park in lots that have security guards and/or security cameras.

Another simple way to avoid scratches is to be cautious about leaning against your vehicle. If you lean against your car while wearing sharp-edged apparel and then shift your weight, you could unwittingly cause scratches.

Car Scratch Repair in Kansas City, MO

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Posted: September 2021

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