Signs of Alternator Failure that Mean You Should Visit Our Kansas City Auto Shop

Signs of Alternator Failure that Mean You Should Visit Our Kansas City Auto Shop

Signs of Alternator Failure that Mean You Should Visit Our Kansas City Auto ShopIf your alternator isn't working properly, then your battery's power reserve could become drained to the point that you end up stalled out. To avoid this scenario, it's best to get to the shop at the first sign of alternator trouble. At Howard Automotive, our local mechanics have extensive experience with alternator and auto electric repair in the greater Kansas City area.

Common Symptoms of Alternator Trouble

With a malfunctioning alternator, your vehicle's electrical accessories might not work right. Power windows may struggle to roll up/down, power seats may be slow to adjust, and your radio might not function reliably. Modern automobiles commonly have computers that can dictate which electrical accessories should have their power supply reduced when alternator trouble is present. This way, power is saved for the vehicle's most important electrical functions, such as keeping headlights powered. However, a faulty alternator can also cause headlights to behave erratically.

An illuminated dashboard warning light is another common indication of alternator trouble. This light may read ALT or GEN or light up in the shape of a battery. Whenever a warning light flashes on, it's best to be proactive about identifying the underlying issue. Then the problem can be addressed before it worsens.

Another potential sign of alternator failure is that your battery is dead. But just because your battery died doesn't automatically mean your alternator is the culprit. There are several reasons why car batteries die, such as parasitic draws, loose/corroded connections, old age, and leaving on headlights. However, if there's no other obvious reason that your battery has died, then it's worth investigating your alternator as a suspect.

Alternator Replacement & Auto Electric Repair in Kansas City, MO

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Posted: March 2022

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