How Auto Maintenance Saves You Money

How Auto Maintenance Saves You Money

How Auto Maintenance Saves You MoneyJust like you visit the doctor for routine checkups, you should bring your car to a local auto maintenance facility for health checks as well. Every vehicle requires routine maintenance to remain in tip top shape, but what it needs and when, may differ by model. Referring to your owner's manual is the fastest way to learn what your particular vehicle may require in terms of service. While it may seem odd to spend money on maintenance for a vehicle that seemingly runs well, it is necessary that you provide the vehicle with these services -- if you want your car to continue to provide you with reliable transportation. Here's what you need to know about factory auto maintenance.

What is Auto Maintenance?

There are many types of auto maintenance that cars and trucks require, all of it critical to overall performance, safety and reliability. Some of the more common forms of auto maintenance include oil changes, filter replacements and fluid flushes, but that isn't all your car requires. Many vehicles need comprehensive transmission service, belt and hose replacement and the installation of new spark plugs and ignition coils at certain mileage points, among various other services to remain running and driving. But auto maintenance doesn't just keep you safely on the road, it keeps your wallet fat too. Here's how.

Maximizes Fuel Efficiency

Performing scheduled auto maintenance helps your engine perform its very best. This means you'll be spending more time on the road and less money at the gas pump if you keep up with scheduled services.

Prevents Breakdowns

Many auto parts need to be replaced before they outright fail, which is a primary reason to complete auto maintenance. A part that is not changed, such as a belt, could snap, resulting in the inability to drive your vehicle. This of course will require an expensive tow truck and then the cost of repair.

Cheaper than Repairs

As mentioned above, without maintenance your car is more likely to suffer from parts failures, resulting in the need for repair. These repairs are nearly always going to cost more than the maintenance that would have prevented the need for them.

Maintains Value & Warranty

Keeping up with routine maintenance will help your car retain its maximum value. Additionally, many vehicles require maintenance to keep any existing warranty valid.

Scheduled auto maintenance is critical for vehicle health, so don't put it off or neglect it all together. If your car is due for auto maintenance in Kansas City head to Howard Automotive. Our team of ASE certified technicians provide dealer alternative car care for all makes and models. Give us a call at (816) 439-7527 to schedule an appointment for superior auto maintenance in Kansas City or the surrounding area today.

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Posted: March 11, 2020

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