Auto Maintenance in Kansas City, MO

Auto Maintenance in Kansas City, MO and Surrounding Communities

Auto Maintenance in Kansas City, MONo matter the year, make or model of your vehicle, it will require routine auto maintenance to remain in prime condition. By keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance needs, which includes oil changes, fluid flushes, filter replacements and tire services, you can help maximize performance and minimize the risk of breakdowns and other car trouble. At Howard Automotive we offer dealer alternative auto maintenance in Kansas City, MO. Give us a call to schedule service the next time your vehicle is due for necessary services.

30/60/90K Factory Auto Maintenance

Our team offers complete factory auto maintenance for Asian, European and domestic vehicles. During your service appointments we will use the highest quality parts and fluids available to maintain your vehicle's warranty and ensure it continues to run strong for miles and miles. You can find out what services your car needs and when by checking your owner's manual or speaking with one of our ASE Certified technicians.

Belts & Hoses

The rubber belts and hoses under the hood of your car, including the timing belt, need to be regularly inspected for wear. Replacing hoses before they spring leaks or belts before they snap will help prevent major engine trouble and breakdowns.

Fluid Flush Services

Your car relies on several specialized fluids to operate. This includes brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid and coolant. Each of these fluids needs to be occasionally drained and refilled to ensure they are free of damaging contaminants, a service known as a fluid flush. We can perform this service for all systems of your vehicle!

Oil Change

Oil Change in Kansas City, MOThe most frequent service required by any car or truck is an oil change. Most vehicles require an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, while some automakers claim their vehicles can go much farther. We offer conventional and synthetic oil changes and high quality filters that protect your engine. Remember, putting off oil changes puts your car at risk of major motor trouble!

Tune Up

If your vehicle seems to be underperforming, it may be time for a tune up. Tune ups services may include replacing the air filter or fuel filter, installing new spark plugs, cleaning or replacing the PCV valve or cleaning the fuel injection system. These affordable services can restore power and fuel economy, ensuring your car offers the performance it was designed to provide.

When your car is due for auto maintenance in Kansas City, MO, be sure to visit Howard Automotive. There is no service we can't complete to keep your car running great. Give us a call at (816) 439-7527 to make an appointment or feel free to stop by to chat with our friendly team to learn more about our services.

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