Auto Diagnostics and Maintenance in Kansas City, MO

Auto Diagnostics in Kansas City, MO and Surrounding Communities

Auto Diagnostics in Kansas City, MOToday's vehicles are highly sophisticated machines. Along with their mechanical innards, cars and trucks are crammed full of computers, sensors, wires and other electronics that are designed to enhance safety, performance and reliability. As cars and trucks become more complex, so to do the processes required to fix them. At Howard Automotive we've invested in the latest diagnostic technology to ensure we can pinpoint troubles and get you back on the road fast. At the first sign of car trouble come see us for expert auto diagnostics in Kansas City, MO.

Computerized Automotive Diagnostics

Our ASE certified technicians have access to the most modern computer assisted diagnostic and repair equipment available. This investment allows us to service all makes and models, including the newest vehicles on the road, quickly and accurately. No matter what gave you the sense that something is amiss with your vehicle, visit us so we can identify and fix the root cause of the trouble.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light should never be ignored. While many people assume the illumination of this light indicates a certain death for their vehicle, this simply isn't the case. Many check engine light triggers are quite minor, such as a faulty sensor or even a loose gas cap. However, the longer a problem is ignored, the worse it will get, which means more out of pocket repair costs for you. To avoid mounting expenses for a small problem, come see us for fast and accurate check engine light diagnostics and repairs in Kansas City, MO.

Top Signs of Car Trouble

Top Signs of Car TroubleThough your vehicle may be full of sensors and computers, it's hard to beat your own senses when it comes to detecting car trouble. If you notice anything suspicious with your vehicle, such as the following common signs of a problem, come see us immediately for proper auto diagnostics and repair.

  • Sounds - There are many problems that create odd noises. Two of the most common are low brake pads, which create a squealing noise, and low transmission fluid which results in grinding as your car shifts.
  • Smells - If you catch a whiff of anything weird while driving, pay close attention. A coolant leak may cause a maple syrup smell, while a burning odor may be due to the need for a new clutch.
  • Vibrations - Shaking and vibrating are sure signs of a problem. A steering wheel that rocks back and forth likely indicates a wheel alignment issue, while a gas pedal vibration is a sign of an exhaust leak.
  • Leaks - Your car uses a number of specialized fluids to operate, but none of them should ever leak. If you spot any drip coming from your car come see us.
  • Performance Decrease - Lousy acceleration, a rough idle, hard starting or decreased MPGs are all indications of car trouble.

When your vehicle gives you trouble, head to Howard Automotive for expert diagnostics. We will get to the bottom of the issues fast and get you back on the road even quicker! Give us a call at (816) 439-7527 to schedule superior auto repair in Kansas City, MO or the surrounding communities the next time your vehicle starts to act up.

"I've been taking my vehicle and the company vehicle to Howard Auto since 1998. I keep going back because they guarantee/and do excellent work."

"Cody really took care of me. These guys are level headed and work quickly as well. They even picked me up from home once my car was ready. This is a small shop that puts the customer first.

My repair was also a pretty nasty misalignment and bent wheel but it seems like they have my car's suspension/balance..whatever working the way it did when I first bought it.

I'm really pleased and will definitely be calling them future in case anything happens. They also gave me a quote for some bumper damage and a cracked light I already had that was a little lower than other shops that quoted me. You should check them out.. I get far more of a notion that these guys are operating with integrity than I do from other small local shops."